Install Add Ons

Flood sensor


Step 1 - Connect to your panel

Before you install your flood sensor, you need to connect it to your control panel, so it communicates with your Morepork.


  1. Remove the battery tabs from the sensor.
  2. Press home12
  3. Tap settings12 and enter your installer code.
    You should have customised this when you installed your control panel, otherwise it will be 9976 by default, we recommend you change this for security purposes.
  4. Tap 'Installation', 'Security Sensors' then 'Auto Learn Sensor'.
    This puts the panel into listening mode for 2 minutes so it can search for sensors close by.
  5. Near the panel, you will need to push in the plastic tab and open the cover on the flood sensor. Your panel will beep and request to add the sensor.
  6. A message will appear on your panel requesting a sensor to be added, tap ‘OK’.
  7. Under 'Sensor Type', make sure you scroll down and select ‘Water’.
  8. Under 'Sensor Sub-Type' ensure ‘Multi-Function-1’ has been selected.
  9. You can name your sensor here or you can do it later in the Morepork web portal.
  10. Tap 'Add New'. Your panel will verbally confirm it has been added.

Step 2 - Install

  1. Apply provide adhesive strip to back of the transmitter - the larger piece.
  2. Mount the transmitter above floor level to prevent water damage.
  3. The water sensor - the bit with the metal prongs - can rest on the floor, or be mounted to a wall or baseboard trim.

More Information

About your Flood sensor

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The Morepork flood sensor is built to detect any water leak in the area it is placed. The early warning this provides you whether you're at home or away can save you a whole lot of time, money, and headaches from water damage.

The flood sensor can be fastened to the floor or to the wall. Water completes the connection between the two contacts and triggers an alert/alarm.


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Having trouble installing your Morepork flood sensor?

  • Make sure you are using your installer code (9976 by default) not your master user code (the one you use to disarm)
  • Having false alarms? Check you have:
    - Set the 'Sensor Type' to 'Water'
    - Set the 'Sensor Sub-Type' to 'Multi-Function-1'