Install Add Ons

Image sensors


Step 1 - Connect to your panel

Before you install your image sensor, you need to connect it to your control panel, so it communicates with your Morepork. 

Watch demo:


  1. Remove your image sensor from the box, do not remove the yellow battery tab yet.
  2. On your control panel, press home8
  3. Tap settings8 and enter your installer code. 
    You should have customised this when you installed your control panel, otherwise it will be 9976 by default, we recommend you change this for security purposes.
  4. Tap 'Installation' then 'Security Sensors'
  5. Tap 'Auto Learn Sensor'. This puts your panel into pairing mode for 2 minutes, so it can find your nearby sensors.
  6. Close to the panel, remove the battery tab from your image sensor and move the sensor around. If your panel doesn’t respond, remove a battery and repeat, or try gently shaking the sensor. Your panel will beep and display up a pop up, requesting the sensor is added. Make sure this says 'Image Sensor', if not, tap 'Cancel' and repeat this step. 
  7. Tap 'OK', you can rename your sensor here, or do it later via the web portal.
    Note - if you have already connected an image sensor, you will need to change the name of each additional sensor before moving to the next step.
  8. Tap 'Add New' to add the sensor. Your control panel will verbally confirm it has been added. 
  9. To test it is installed correctly, press the physical home button on your panel then tap 'Status'.
  10. After a few moments, if it shows 'Tampered' under the status, slide the back onto the sensor and it will show 'Activated'. You can then clear the tamper status on the ‘Alerts’ tab on the panel. If you can't see it under status, return to step 3 and repeat the steps.
  11. Repeat for any additional image sensors.

Step 2 - Attach to your wall

Where to place:

  • Think about where you want visual coverage – entry points to the house, possible break-in locations, places you may want to peek into.
  • Alternatively choose a high traffic area that people are likely to pass through, like a hallway or an open-plan living room. Remember you can add more image sensors to your Morepork at any time.
  • Image sensors should be installed 2.4 metres from the floor – use the measuring tape provided as a guide. This offers the best angle to monitor the room, and allows small pets to move around without triggering your alarm.
  • Make sure you install image sensors out of direct sunlight, or they may malfunction.
  • For best results, avoid pointing your image sensors directly at any light sources in your house as this may affect the photo quality.
  • To avoid false alarms, image sensors should be installed away from heat pumps, air vents and fireplaces.
  • Ideally, do not install your image sensor facing out a window or toward a mirror - this can cause false alarms or malfunction and can also drain the battery life.
  • Suitable for indoor use only.

Watch Demo:


  1. Stick the tape measure provided to the wall where you want to install your image sensor. The full length of the tape measure is the height you should install your sensor - 2.4 metres.
  2. Ask someone to hold the image sensor just above the height of the measuring tape (2.4 metres from the floor). The control panel may beep as you move the image sensor, as it will think it’s being tampered with. You can ignore these beeps until you’ve got your image sensor correctly installed.
  3. Visit on your computer or tablet and login using the details you set up at purchase.
  4. In the Morepork web portal, go to the ‘Image Sensor’ tab. Choose ‘Peek-In and click ‘Peek-In Now to take a photo via the image sensor almost instantly. Then go to ‘Gallery’ to see your photo. You’ll need to wait a minute or two for the photo to upload, and then refresh the page.
  5. You can change the angle and position of the image sensor until you’re happy with the view it captures. To adjust the angle, slide the pin out and lift and turn the sensor. Then push the pin back into the bracket.
  6. Once you’ve decided where the sensor will go, clean the area with the wipes provided and allow it to dry. Then peel off the adhesive backing and press the sensor firmly into place. It is recommended to install using the screws provided.
  7. Repeat these steps for any other image sensors. Note that when you install additional image sensors, you’ll need to select which sensor you want to take a photo by ticking the ‘Peek-In’ checkbox.

More Information

About your image sensor

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An image sensor is like a standard motion sensor, but with a built-in camera. When triggered, it can send a photo of whatever triggered it to your smartphone. You can also ask it to take a photo – called ‘peeking in’ – any time via the Morepork app or the web portal, whether your system is armed or not. The camera is infrared so it works at night as well as during the day.


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Having trouble installing your Morepork image sensor? 

  • Make sure you’ve removed the yellow battery pull tab.
  • If you can’t see your photos in the gallery, make sure you’ve waited a few minutes and then refresh the page.
  • If you can’t login to the web portal, contact our Support Team.
  • If you are seeing an ‘initialisation error’ in the web portal, contact our Support Team.
  • If you’re having issues pairing your image sensor to your panel, try removing the batteries and putting them back in, while your panel is in auto-learn mode.
  • If the LED on the front of the sensor doesn't flash red when you insert the batteries, try swapping them out for some new ones.
  • Make sure the red light is on the back of your panel.