Install Add Ons

Smoke alarm


Step 1 - Connect to your panel

Before you install your smoke alarm, you need to connect it to your control panel, so it communicates with your Morepork. 

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  1. Remove the yellow battery tab from the back of the smoke alarm and wait a few seconds. The alarm should beep once to confirm it’s working.
  2. Unpack the base plate and attach it to the smoke alarm by pressing and turning clockwise until the raised lines on the side of the alarm and the base plate line up. Make sure the alarm is evenly flush with the base plate all the way around.
  3. Go to your control panel, press home9
  4. Tap settings9 and enter your installer code. 
    You should have customised this when you installed your control panel, otherwise it will be 9976 by default, we recommend you change this for security purposes.
  5. Tap ‘Installation’, ‘Security Sensors’ then ‘Auto Learn Sensor’. This puts the panel into listening mode so it can search for sensors close by.
  6. Remove the base plate from the smoke alarm by turning it counter clockwise. This will create a tamper on the smoke alarm, so the panel can recognise it.
  7. A message will appear on your panel requesting a sensor to be added, tap ‘OK’.
    Important - under ‘Sensor Type’, make sure you select and scroll down to ‘Smoke Detector’, it will not work correctly if paired as anything else.
  8. Tap ‘Add New’, to complete the pairing of your smoke alarm. Your control panel will say 'Sensor added successfully'. Your control panel may say ‘Smoke alarm tamper’ and show a tamper alert. This is because the baseplate triggers the tamper, you can ignore this during install.
    Important - if you are on a Professional Response plan, make sure you contact Alarm Watch on 0800 125 276 before testing your alarm.
  9. To test your smoke alarm, hold down the 'Test' button for a couple of seconds. You will hear sirens from both the smoke alarm and the control panel, and see an alert on the panel. Tap 'Cancel' and enter your user code on the control panel to turn off the alarm. 
  10. If you don't hear a siren on both devices, contact our Support Team.
  11. Repeat these steps for any additional smoke alarms.


Step 2 - Install

  1. You’ll need a Phillips screwdriver or a drill with a Phillips screw bit that fits the screws provided.
  2. Hold the base plate where you want to place your smoke alarm. Drive a screw into the ceiling or wall through one of the screw slots, as close to the centre of the base plate as possible.
  3. Drive a second screw into the ceiling or wall through the second slot on the base plate.
  4. Re-attach the smoke alarm to the baseplate.
  5. Repeat these steps for any other smoke alarms.

More Information

About your smoke alarm

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The Morepork smoke alarm uses photoelectric technology to detect the presence of smoke. They’re on alert 24 hours a day, whether your Morepork is armed or disarmed. If smoke or smouldering is detected, the smoke alarm and the control panel sirens will both sound, and you’ll be sent an alert.

We recommend you test your smoke alarm on a weekly basis and replace your batteries twice a year to ensure the device is always working.


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Having trouble installing your Morepork smoke alarm? 

  • Make sure you’ve removed the yellow battery pull tab.
  • Check that the raised lines on the side of the smoke alarm and base plate line up.
  • If the siren sounded on the smoke alarm but not on the control panel, contact our Support Team via the yellow button above.
  • If the light on your smoke alarm is flashing yellow, contact our Support Team via the yellow button above.
  • Make sure you have connected your smoke alarm to your control panel.