Install Add Ons

Video doorbell


Step 1 - Pre-installation checklist

Before you begin with the installation process, you will need to follow these steps to ensure that you’re home is ready for your video doorbell install.

Check current door bell: 

  • Your Morepork video doorbell will work with a mechanical doorbell chime without any changes, however if you have a digital door chime you will need to install a digital chime adaptor. 
  • Refer to this link for power configurations
  • WARNING: Failure to adhere to the power configuration instructions may cause damage to your video doorbell and will automatically void your warranty.

Check WiFi range:

  1. Stand outside the home in the location you plan to install the video doorbell.
  2. Close the door.
  3. Connect to the homes 2.4 GhZ WiFi network on your mobile device and disable your devices mobile internet connection.
  4. Go to or use a speedtest app to run an internet speed test.
  5. Check the UPLOAD speed. The video doorbell requires an upload speed of at least 2 Mbps.

Step 2 - Install

  1. Turn power off to your current doorbell
  2. Remove old (if applicable) doorbell and detach wiring. Make sure the wires do not slip back into the wall as the existing doorbell is removed
  3. Feed the existing wires through the centre hole in the bracket and mount bracket with the screws provided
  4. Loosen the contact screws on the mounting bracket and carefully secure one wire under each mounting screw. Note: Polarity does not matter
  5. Attach video doorbell to the mounting bracket. First attach the video doorbell to the top of the mounting bracket. Then push the bottom of the video doorbell flush with the wall
  6. Secure the video doorbell in place by tightening the setscrew on the bottom of the device. Warning: Be careful not to damage the set screw during installation. Do not use a power tool to tighten the set screw. Use hand tools carefully
  7. Reconnect power to the doorbell/turn on switch
  8. The video doorbell LED light will slowly blink red/blue  to indicate the battery is charging - this can take up to 15 mins. When the LED is flashing red/ green, the video doorbell is ready to pair to your Morepork
  9. Press the button on the front of the video doorbell to confirm that your current home doorbell chime works correctly

Step 3 - Connect to your WiFi

Watch demo:


  1. When the doorbell is flashing green/ red the doorbell camera is ready to sync with your Morepork
  2. In the Morepork app tap the main menu on the top left and tap Doorbell Camera.
  3. Tap ‘Add Doorbell Camera’ to being the setup process.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions. Check that your video doorbells LED is alternating red/green
  5. The app will prompt you to select the video doorbell’s temporary WiFi network. You will need to connect to this network to configure your video doorbell.
    If your WiFi coverage is poor, you may need to disable your mobile data for this step.

    iOS – leave the app and enter the settings app. Go to Wi-Fi and select the network named SkybellHD_########## 
    Android – do not leave the app; the Morepork app will detect the doorbell camera’s network
  6. From the app select your home’s Wi-Fi network, carefully entering in wireless password. If you have more than one wireless network, you will need to ensure that you are connecting to your 2.4Ghz channel. 
    The video doorbell’s LED will follow this pattern:
    Double-Flash Orange (~30 seconds)Alternating Blue/Green (~30 seconds)Solid Green
  7. Once paired, enable push notifications and recording schedules so you can receive alerts from your video doorbell. If you haven’t already enabled push notifications enabled for the Morepork app, do this now. See here for more info.